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Prospects for a low-pressure zone to be formed on 9th November!

Posted on: 04/Nov/2022 5:00:08 PM
The Chennai Regional Meteorological Centre has informed that there are strong prospects for a new low-pressure zone to be formed on 9th November.

In a notification released by the Chennai Regional Meteorological Centre, it is mentioned:

"There are strong prospects for a low-pressure format to be developed in the upper layers of the atmosphere over the Southeast Bay of Bengal adjacent to sir Lake the cyclonic format which developed and prevailed over Tamil Nadu yesterday has drifted towards the west and moved towards  Kerala.

There is a situation where the easterly winds will clash with the westerly winds over the area from the Andaman Sea to the Arabian Sea. The low-pressure zone developing on 9th November may move towards Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coast on 10th & 11th October. In the next 48 hours."

The Northeast Monsoon rainy season has commenced in Tamil Nadu. Right from the onset of the Northeast Monsoon Rainy Season, there have been widespread rains. There has been widespread heavy rain in the districts of several districts including Chennai, Thiruvallur, and Kanchipuram. Yesterday evening, it rained rather heavily in Chennai Metro City and the suburbs!

It may be noted that due to this persistent heavy rain, a holiday has been declared for schools and colleges!