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The issue in Pallavaram that has caught the attention now!!

Posted on: 06/Oct/2022 9:29:34 AM
It is very easy to put the blame on others rather than taking the responsibility on oneself!!

The railway officials have been blaming the Chennai Corporation officials and vice versa now regarding the garbage along the railroad at the Pallavaram railway station on the side of GST Road.

Truth is that some portions here belong to the southern railways or SR and few housing quarters and offices were built in and around the road.

There has been indiscriminate dumping of waste from the hoteliers and from the fruit vendors near the railway station. This poses dangers to many commuters during the night time. The civic officers belonging to Pallavaram blamed that it was the work of railway officials to look into the issue..

The garbage on the roads and lanes would have to be cleared by the local civic wing only. This was mentioned by some staff members belonging to the Pallavaram railway station. It was later estimated by the railway officer that around one lakh persons from Pallavaram and from the neighbouring places like Anakaputhur, Pammal, Kundrathur and zamin Pallavaram etc use the railway station.

According to a resident working in a private company near Madras High Court it was clear that she usually comes at 5pm from her office in the evening to the Pallavaram railway station through suburban train and then uses her two wheeler to go along the railroad. She added that there has been no issue. Point is that the issue would occur only in the late evenings due to stray dogs. The absence of street lights has been a huge issue here.