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New regulations for the review of movies: Tamil Film Producers Council!

Posted on: 19/Sep/2022 3:21:51 PM
Resolutions have been passed to impose new regulations have been announced for reviewing movies in the General Council Meeting of the Tamil Film Producers` Council!

In the present trend, it would not be wrong to mention that the review of the movie plays a large part in the success or failure of the movie!

Though the film is produced spending Crores of Rupees there are indeed a large number of film-goers who decide to watch the movie based only on the reviews!

As soon as the first show of the movie is over, film reviewers and YouTubers register their reviews in newspapers, magazines and social networking media!

In this scenario, some new regulations/restrictions on reviewing a movie!

This year`s General Council Meeting of the Tamil Nadu Film Producers was conducted yesterday (Sunday, 18th September) at Chennai Teynampet. Hundreds of producers participated in this meeting!

Important resolutions passed during this meeting:
  • Reviews MUST be made only 3 days after the release of the movie!
  • The theatre owners MUST NOT ALLOW the opinion-seekers with cameras of the movie from the spectators!
  • The film industry personnel MUST STOP giving interviews to the media personnel who abuse the films and some of the actors and actresses on a personal basis!
  • The general Council requests the State Government of Tamil Nadu that tickets MUST be monitored through the Centralized Servers and then only sold!
  • Arrangements will be made for the low-investment movies to be released through OTT with the Council`s Endowment for these producers` benefit!