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Happy information regarding Krishna water supply to Chennai!!

Posted on: 06/May/2022 9:15:41 AM
The summer season has arrived in Chennai and to cater to the summer water needs of Chennai residents on Thursday Krishna water was released from the Kandaleru reservoir in AP. The superb news now is Chennai city would receive its share of Krishna water in a few more days.

As on Thursday, 5th May 2022, the total storage capacity of the 5 main reservoirs that supplies water to Chennai city was 7.4thousand mcft. This was nearly 63.24% of the capacity. It must be noted that every day about 162 million litres of water is conveyed from Veeranam tank to augment water supply in Chennai. For another 6 months, the current water stored in the reservoirs would last.

It was mentioned by some officers belonging to WRD that about 500 cusecs of water was discharged from Kandaleru reservoir and in the coming days the water release would be increased to 1500 cusecs. According to an officer from WRD, a request was made to AP to release 500 cusecs. 

He added that storage in the reservoirs could be built by another 4 to 5tmcft before the onset of NE monsoon. It is noteworthy that the Kandaleru reservoir has got storage of nearly 42tmcft and this would be enough to continue water release to Chennai.

Truth is that Chennai daily water supply could be sustained till summer of 2023 with receipt of Krishna water for 4 months. This would be possible even if the monsoons do not bring adequate rains. This was explained by an official from WRD.

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