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What has COVID done to the people of Tamil Nadu in the last 2 years?


Posted on : 07/Mar/2022 9:18:01 AM


It was 2 years back in March 2020 the Coronavirus infection pandemic began spreading in India. Many states across India were affected and in TN the infection began spreading slowly. Since March2020, many persons have been affected by this deadly infection across Tamil Nadu is well known. Now, Coronavirus third infection wave has also reduced in Tamil Nadu and normalcy has returned back   

In these last 2 years there were many people who have lost their jobs and we are now struggling to make ends meet. Some have even ended their precious lives due to their inability to cope up with this deadly pandemic. It was later mentioned by the health officers that the sero- prevalence in TN has increased to 87percent. In Tamil Nadu, 92% of the population have received the first vaccination dose and 72percent have received 2 doses of vaccination. The officers threw light on the importance of safety protocols that must be followed by the public compulsorily to avoid getting infected. It is true that the pandemic has not yet ended fully and the public must not let their guards down.

On 27th July 2020 during the first infection wave, TN reported the highest ever fresh number of Coronavirus cases of 6993 and on 15th of August 2020 highest ever deaths due to this infection on a single day were recorded. During the first Coronavirus pandemic wave in 2020, the lack of infrastructure was a major challenge and healthcare workers and hospitals etc in TN were not prepared to handle the pandemic.  Mr. J. Radhakrishnan, health secretary, spoke about how several measures like lockdown and other restrictions to streamline and ramp up the facilities were taken.

During the second Coronavirus infection wave in TN, the highest single day cases were recorded on 21st May 2021 with as many as 36184 fresh cases. As many as493 people have passed away in a single day in this wave. The demand for oxygen in this second wave caught the attention. It took time to install oxygen concentrators and oxygen generation plants and now there are sufficient amounts of these two available for the public.

The third Coronavirus infection wave due to the Omicron variant began spreading in TN in January 2022 and it affected many people. The highest number of cases reported in a single day in this third wave was 30744 in TN. The fourth Coronavirus infection wave is now expected in June 2022 and the health officials stress on awareness, self-regulation etc.
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