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In TN, prices for the milk products are suddenly increased by Aavin now!!


Posted on : 05/Mar/2022 9:27:26 AM

Milk based products such as ghee, skimmed milk powder, badam powder and curd would cost more from now on in TN!!

On Friday, 4th March 2022, Aavin took many by surprise after it had increased the rates of the above-mentioned milk products. Previously, one litre jar of ghee was sold for Rs 515 by Aavin and now the rate has increased to Rs 535.From Rs 510 earlier, now one litre carton of ghee would cost Rs 530. From Rs 320, one litre of skimmed milk powder has been increased to Rs 360 now. Rs 30 would be the latest cost for a 500 ml pack of curd. It must be noted that the prices of kulfi bars (60ml) and chocolate and vanilla ones would cost Rs 30 each.

According to an official source belonging to Aavin, the TN Cooperative Milk Producers Federation (brand Aavin) matched the prices of the milk products with that of another popular brand Amul. It added that 100ml ghee pack price was not revised. It is true that if the ghee pack prices were increased then Aavin would get Rs 2 per pack and it would have been profitable for them. In July 2020, Aavin previously increased the rates of then milk products

To put an end to black marketing of their products, Aavin was forced to resort to price hikes now. This was as per another official belonging to Aavin. He then added that the price difference of Aavin and other brands were high. He hinted that even after the increase in the price one kilogram of Ghee was cheaper by Rs100 when compared to other brands. Truth is that this price increase would not bring in much revenue for Aavin.

The cooperative had to increase the prices of their milk products to survive in the competitive market and this was according to Mr T. Sadagopan, a consumer activist. He then spoke about how despite low prices when compared to other popular brands Aavin could not become the market leader in the milk products. He concluded that Aavin has a long way to go to reach a quality landmark.



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