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23 New Park in Chennai Metro City to be set up under the Singara Chennai - 2 Project!

Posted on: 23/Jan/2022 10:12:06 AM
The State Government of Tamil Nadu has released new Government Order (GO) allotting funds of Rs. 24.43 Crores under the ‘Sinagara Chennai 2.0’ Project for 28 projects to set up new parks in Chennai Metro City under the jurisdiction of the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) to set up new parks in locations, renovating the existing parks, etc.!

Currently, 718 parks are being maintained in Chennai Metro City on behalf of the Greater Chennai Corporation. Out of these 718 parks, maintenance of 547 parks have been given to the private sector under contract and another 111 parks have been handed over to private parties for adoption and maintenance.

The remaining Parks are being maintained by the Greater Chennai Corporation. On this front, permission has been obtained to set up new parks in locations under the jurisdiction of Greater Chennai Corporation and renovate the existing parks as well and under the Project, ‘Singara Chennai 2.0’, administrative approval from the State Government of Tamil Nadu has been obtained with funds of Rs. 24.43 Crores and as such, a Government Order (GO) has been issued allowing these funds to Greater Chennai Corporation and Drinking Water Distribution Scheme.

Out of this, 23 parks are to be newly set up for Rs. 18.48 Crores.

5 Existing Parks will be renovated for Rs. 5.95 Crores.

Tenders have been floated for contracts of the 23 New Park Constructions. Once the contracts are finalised, Work Orders will be issued and the construction will commence immediately as per the Greater Chennai Corporation announcement!

Further, for the benefit of the citizens, pavements for walking, play-sections for children, Open-door physical exercise equipment, and beautiful artwork on the surrounding walls, grass lawns, traditional trees, public toilets and drinking water facilities, provision of electric lights, etc., will all be taken up!

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