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Tambaram-Chengalpattu - third track: Railway administration plan to operate!

Posted on: 06/Dec/2021 11:34:18 AM
Following the inspection and clearance of the 3rd track laid from the section between Tambaram to Guduvanchery in the Tambaram-Chengalpattu by the team headed by the Commissioner of the Railway Safety Commission, the Railway Administration has planned to operate trains on this 3rd track shortly.

The project of laying the 3rd track between Tambaram and Chengalpattu at Rs. 256 Crores over a distance of 30 km commenced in the year 2016 to be executed in 3 phases.

In the 1st Phase, the third track laying was completed in the section Guduvanchery-Singaperumalkoil for a distance of 11.07 km. The Railway Safety Commissioner inspected the work on 29th September last year.

In the 2nd Phase, the third track laying work between the 3rd track laying between the section Singaperumalkoil-Chengalpattu for a distance of 8.36 km has also been completed.  Railway Safety Commissioner A. K. Roy inspected this on 3rd March last year.

The third and final phase of the project, track-laying in the section Guduvanchery-Tambaram Stations for a distance of 11 km was taken up and completed in September last year. The team hazarded by the Railway Safety Commissioner inspected this section on 21st October last year.

The team undertook the inspection by travelling in a trolley from Tambaram to Guduvanchery. Subsequently, the inspection was done by operating a trial run of a train with 6 coaches at a speed of 130 kmph. The result of the test by the Railway Safety Commission team headed by the Commissioner was satisfactory. It has now been planned to commence train operations on this new track shortly.

The officials of the Southern Railway shared in this regard:

The team of the Railway Safety Commission headed by the Commissioner undertook the testing of the third track. The results of the tests were satisfactory! Subsequently, they approved to commence operating train on this new track!

Earlier, the team of the Railway Safety Commission emphasized that certain activities be undertaken immediately to solve a few issues of the defect. Accordingly, the rectification work to clear these defects was undertaken.  It has been completed.  As such, it has been planned to commence operation of trains on this new 3rd track shortly! With this, operation of additional trains is now facilitated!