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13th Mega Vaccination Camp today in Tamil Nadu!

Posted on: 04/Dec/2021 4:05:19 PM
The 13th Mega Vaccination camp is being organised today (Saturday, 4th December) throughout the State of Tamil Nadu.

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has been organising Mega Vaccination Camps since September.

In the prevailing situation when the new variant of coronavirus, known as Omicron, is creating another terrifying issue for the public, the medical experts have been advising the need for all public to get vaccinated!

Subsequently, the public has also responded showing enthusiasm to get vaccinated!

In this above scenario, the 13th Mega Vaccination Camp is being organised throughout the State of Tamil Nadu today (Saturday, 4th December).

The Mega Vaccination Camps function from 9.00 AM to5.00 PM. In this camp, priority is given to the citizens who have failed to get the 2nd vaccination done even though the due date has gone by. In this category, there are 83 Lakhs citizens who have not been administered with the 2nd dose of corona vaccine.

As regards Chennai Metro City, there are 1600 vaccination centres operating today in the 200 wards in the city.

On behalf of the Public Welfare Department, it has been emphasised to the public that a target to of 2 Lakhs vaccinations to be done in the Mega Vaccination Camp and the citizens who need to get the 2nd dose of vaccination are urged to get administered with the 2nd dose of vaccination in this Mega Vaccination Camp!

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