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Chennai to become second largest in India - Know about Chennai getting expanded even more


Posted on : 20/Nov/2021 9:24:49 AM

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority or CMDA is grabbing the attention of many now!!

The news that has come out is that CMDA is having plans to hold public consultation in this month at Chengalpet and Arakkonam etc for discussing the area that should come under the expanded Chennai metropolitan Area or CMA.

According to a senior official, any change would be carried out only after consulting the public for their opinions. It is known that the previous government had planned to expand CMA from 1189 sq km to 8878 sq km. The superb piece of information is that if the expansion would be done as per the previous plan then Chennai would become the second largest city in entire India.

It was mentioned by Mr. K.P. Subramanian, former professor of Anna University, Urban engineering that the TN government had to justify the need for the expansion by instituting an independent and impartial study. He then spoke about how the CMDA was not able to fulfil many of the legal and administrative obligations even within the present 1189 sq km.

The obligations included master plan review once in 5 years, detailed development plan implementation plus others like development of new towns and urban nodes as conceived in the first master plan and checking rampant violations of development regulations etc.  Recently, CMDA came out with its third master plan for Chennai Metropolitan Area is known. The officials havent yet taken any decision to go for the master plan or a regional plan. Point to be noted is that the new master plan would have nature driven solutions to counter conventional infrastructure practices.

The former professor of Anna University later explained how focussing well on the regional plans for the recently notified 12 regions by the government could bring a balanced development. Secondary cities would be promoted and disparities between various regions in the states would be minimised.

To regulate haphazard growth, there is a need to expand city limits and this was according to some officials.  Agricultural lands in the districts of Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram would get affected. Mr. Subramanian concluded that proposed expansion of CMA might result in disastrous implications.



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