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Tamil Nadu Government explains: When do the schools reopen?

Posted on: 02/Jun/2021 12:17:32 PM
Due to the raging spread of the first and resurgent coronavirus pandemic spread, all the schools and colleges have remained closed from the end of March 2020!

When the impact/extent of intensity of the spread reduced, the schools were reopened for the students from 9th to 12th Standard.

However, the violent spread of the resurgent coronavirus, holidays were declared again for all the schools from 22nd Marchand orders were issued to conduct classes online.

The impact of the resurgent corona was really monstrous and presently, the resurgent coronavirus pandemic spread has come under control over the last few days! As such, the questions have arisen naturally by the parents as to when do the schools/colleges reopen!

In this regard, the Director of the Primary Education has sent a circular to all the schools having classes from 1st to 8th Standard:

“The announcement regarding REOPENING OF SCHOOLS WILL BE RELEASED ONLY AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THE PREVAILING 100% LOCKDOWN! The other issues such as the distribution of free textbooks to the students and other student welfare schemes will be announced only after the schools reopen!”

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