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Public Examinations in June - TN State Government Department of School Education!

Posted on: 02/Feb/2021 1:24:00 PM
The Department of School Education of the State Government of Tamil Nadu has decided to organise the Pubic Examinations for the 10th, +1 & +2 classes in June. The timetables will be released immediately after the approval of the Chief Minister of Tami Nadu.

All schools in the State of Tamil Nadu were closed during March 2020 as a preventive measure by the Central/State Governments due to the raging coronavirus pandemic. Subsequently, annual examinations were not conducted and All-pass was given for the students from 1stStandard to the 9th Standard.

The Pubic Examinations for the 10th Standard Students were cancelled and the pass marks were given based on the academic performance during the quarterly and half-yearly examinations.

Public Examinations were conducted for the +1 and +2 class students. Following this, all schools remained closed for 10 months.

However, online cases are being conducted. The parents of the students appealed that the schools must be reopened proper and regular classes must be conducted at least for a few months.

Accordingly, schools were reopened for the 10th Standard & +2 Students on 19th January. The schools are set to be reopened on 8th February for the students of the 9th Standard and +1 classes.

In the above scenario, the officials of the School Education Department has started reviewing the preparation of the timetable for the Public Examinations.

During the 1st Phase of the review, it was decided to conduct the Pubic Examinations in June. The Timetable has been prepared to commence from the last week of March and to extend till June. Once the Chief Minister of Tami Nadu State Government approves this proposal, the timetables will be released as per the Tamil Nadu School Education Circles.

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