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Nu-Shakti launches TVC Campaign #AskMoreFromYourDrink

Posted on: 17/Jul/2020 3:48:20 PM
Emphasizing the importance of building immunity via a beverage, Nu-Shakti a Royal DSM brand launched a TVC campaign focused on its MixMe beverage powder, highlighting the products potential as an immunity building drink. Backed by the theme, #AskMoreFromYourDrink, the campaign stresses the various micronutrients that help in staying healthy and building immunity.  
The ongoing pandemic reveals the criticality of building a robust immune system. Therefore, the TVC underscores the fact that having a drink with immunity building micronutrients can build strength as well as resilience in bodys natural defence and promoting wellbeing. The TVCs messaging: Its easy to get immunity in cartoons, but in real life, you need much more to get the immunity you need. Given the importance of micronutrients in building immunity, the campaign reiterates that MixMe Beverage Powder is nourishing beverage that fulfils this purpose.
The 20-second TVC depicts a cartoon skit where the central character is preparing to fight a monster. The hero grabs a magic potion and, after drinking it, he glows and gains strength, eventually defeating the monster. The commercial highlights the need for vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients in building immunity in real life for fighting the monstrous diseases we may face. Towards the end, the TVC highlights the micronutrients available in the MixMe beverage powder.  
Alok Kohli, Business Director DSM India, said, There is heightened awareness around building immunity in recent times and consumers are seeking products that can help them achieve this objective. Nu-Shakti Mixme has been formulated with micronutrients that play a role in building ones immunity. The MixMe TVC is has creatively encouraged consumers to seek immunity building nutrients in real life.  
The 360-degree campaign will be led by television and digital platforms, including YouTube, Social and OTTs. Besides, the brand will engage with a peer-to-peer network of mothers, micro and nano influencers to amplify awareness and spark conversations in the digital space. The campaign is in tune with Nu-Shaktis strategy of encouraging healthy living among consumers by adding micronutrients to their daily diets.

Link of the TVC: 

Conceptualised by the team, the TVC is completely designed through computer graphics with coordinated efforts amidst the nationwide lockdown. The TVC is live in English and Tamil and will also go live in Telugu and Malayalam. MixMe contains essential vitamins and minerals with iron and folic acid. 1 serving (20g powder mixed with 200ml water) contains 12 vitamins and 5 minerals; with Vitamins C & D Vitamin B6, Selenium and Vitamin D which are key nutrients to build immunity. 1 serving of Mix Me provides micronutrients found in some common foooods for example Vitamin C found in 35g Oranges, Selenium found in 90g Ripe Papaya and Vitamin B2 found in 180g Almonds.  Each serving provides up to 30% of the recommended daily allowance of micronutrients for a child between 7-10 years. 

Nu-Shaktis product range also includes Powermix for rice (fortified rice kernels) and Powermix for atta (fortified atta/flour).
Consumers can know more by visiting: www.nu-shakti.com.

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