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The prices of vegetables have gone up now in Chennai


Posted on : 23/Apr/2019 10:08:43

In Koyambedu in Chennai is located one of Asia’s largest perishable goods market complex. This market complex was inaugurated in the year 1996 and the market receives 100,000 visitors every day is well known. The latest news is the prices of vegetables have gone up now in this market. At the Koyambedu wholesale market, the factors such as dip in the yield in the neighbouring states and scorching heat have affected the arrival of vegetables.

It is normal that this Koyambedu wholesale market receives as many as 10 lorry loads of beans every day. On Monday, 22nd April 2019, the market received just half the load of beans. The important information is the vegetable was sold at Rs 130 per kg in the above market in Chennai. The good news is in the next few days of time produce from Ooty would start arriving at Koyambedu wholesale market and this could reduce the cost of beans. Searing heat combined with lack of rains has been responsible for 20 to 25% increase in the vegetable prices now.

The surprising information collected is tomatoes are now sold for Rs 40 which is double the amount. The lack of supply has increased the prices of bitter gourd and snake gourd also. It was pointed out by some traders that against a daily share of 375 truck loads Koyambedu market gets just 300 truck loads now.

According to Mr. P. Sukumar, treasurer, Koyambedu Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers Merchant Association, just like the previous month of March, vegetables like ladies fingers, brinjals and onions were available for the same prices now. He added that drumsticks and cucumber are arriving in plenty as this is the season. He hinted about the price of raw mangoes being Rs 40 to Rs 60 per kg and said Koyambedu market would receive more mangoes in another 10 days of time.

It must be taken into account that the sales of vegetables have been dull by 30% because of increase in costs plus summer vacations. Fresh stocks of vegetables would come from other states and the prices of vegetables would reduce in the May month.