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Access details about your constituency candidate at Facebook!


Posted on : 15/Apr/2019 15:47:38

In order to create awareness among the public about the elections, the details of all the election contestants have been uploaded on the Facebook pages.

The parliamentary elections are scheduled to be conducted in the country in 7 phases from 11th April to 19th May. The results are scheduled to be released on 23rd May. In Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, elections are scheduled to be conducted in a single phase on 18th April. The 1st Phase was conducted for 91 parliamentary seats in 20 states including Tripura and the Union Territories on 11th April.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission has initiated various activities to increase public awareness about the elections and to ensure 100% voting.

In this regard, the number of smartphone users in the country is growing every day! During the last 2014 elections, the number of smartphone user was around 2 Crores. However, presently, there is a whopping increase in the number and now, around 48 Crores people use smartphones! Most of the users belong to the youth cadre!

So, social networking media are set to play a significant role in determining the election results! All political party leaders and the contestants have accounts in the social networking media. They have started their campaign using these social networking media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Only due to this, the contestants while filing their bonds/documents need to give details of their accounts in the social networking media as well! The Election Commission has insisted on this! The Election Commission has also been closely monitoring the election campaigns in the social networking media.

In this scenario, as a part of creating public awareness regarding elections, the details/personal particulars of all the contestants have been uploaded on Facebook.

When the users open their Facebook account, an option, Do you want to know the details of the contestant in your area?appears on the home page. If this link is clicked and the details of the constituency are entered, the personal details of all the contestants in the selected constituency along with photographs can be e accessed. 

This initiative has met with huge popularity and approval from the users! The social enthusiasts mention that the voters now use Facebook to access the above details regarding the contestants in their constituencies.
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