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For differently-abled persons in Chennai, L & T donates vans

Posted on: 16/Mar/2019 9:52:09 AM
Larsen and Toubro or otherwise known as L & T was established in the year 1938 with its headquarters in Mumbai. It is one of the largest multinational company involved in the constructions is well known. The latest news is this L& T had donated 2 wheel chair friendly vehicles to Vidya Sagar and this was as a part of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility. It must be noted that Vidya Sagar is a NGO that is involved in the development of child and adults with special needs.

The truth is these vans donated by this highly popular L& T would make the travel easier for the differently- abled persons and wheelchair bound persons. Friday, 15th March 2019, was very special day as Chennai got its first-of-its-kind wheelchair friendly vans.

A 26 year wheelchair bound woman expressed her unhappiness regarding her inability to move outside to work and earn for her and her parents. She spoke about how her mobility using public transport was tough and how private transport was highly expensive for her. These issues would not be there for wheelchair bound persons hereafter because of these vans donated by L&T.

The important piece of information is this non profit service would also be available for those people who have difficulties in travelling due to intellectual or physical disabilities. It must be taken into account that each van with hydraulic lifts could accommodate up to 3 wheelchairs with 4 more seats apart from the drivers seat. If the number of wheelchair is less then it is possible to accommodate more seats as per the vehicles configuration.

The superb piece of news is those wheelchair bound persons who doesnt want to be confined in their rooms or houses always would be able to meet their friends and relatives easily by using these vans. There are some families having wheelchair bound persons and these families could get some happiness as they would be able to take the wheelchair bound person outside etc. Founder, Vidya Sagar, Poonam Natarajan, spoke about how she and their organisation was is the process of thinking about the rent per hour and rent per day for these special vans.