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Shortage of meters caused delay in power connections in Chennai


Posted on : 08/Mar/2019 10:17:42

Running from pillar to post to get the work done is not an easy task. Now in Chennai many residents have been doing this for getting power connections. The point is large number of Chennai residents have applied for single and three phase power connections are having very tough time as they were made to run from one point to other to find information about their power connections.

The domestic consumers in Chennai were unable to get electricity connections for more than a month. It is now revealed that the shortage of single and three phase power meters were responsible for the delay in getting power connections. It is worthy to note that the domestic consumers belonging to the city of Chennai were the worst affected ones by this delay.

A resident belonging to Avadi expressed his unhappiness about the delay in getting power connections and spoke about how he had applied for single phase power connection more than a month back but could not get the power meter even now. He revealed that he had paid the security deposit and other charges for getting the power connection more than a month back. He regretted about the fact that delay in the fixing of power meters inspite of completing all the formalities associated with it had made him to pay higher electricity charges on commercial rates.

Three phase meters are now in high demand and many Chennai residents are waiting to get these 3 phase meters for their houses in order to get permanent electricity connection. The amazing piece of information is even consumers wanting to get commercial power connections have been waiting for longer period of time.

It was brought out by a senior official belonging to Tangedco or Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation, that procurement of both single and three phase power meters were delayed because CPRI or Central Power Research Institute took longer time to issue the quality certificates. He added that the purchase orders for both single and 3 phase was issued recently. Finally he assured that backlog in fixing the power meters would be completed by the end of March.