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By the next month, Chennai airport is planning for new entry and exit points to terminals


Posted on : 09/Nov/2018 14:59:43

There would be new entry as well as exit points for the domestic and international terminals at Chennai airport as AAI or Airport Authority of India has planned to open these soon. Next month a contractor is likely to be taking over the parking lot and entry fee collection and new vehicle flow pattern of cars would be introduced by the AAI. The work for building a multi level car parking on either side of the airport metro station has started and the airport authorities are involved in re-doing the traffic plan now.  It is now revealed that the vehicles reaching the domestic and international departures would enter the airport using 2 entries from GST Road and would be routed via 2 new ramps that connect to the flyover in front of terminals. By this the cars dropping the passengers at these terminals do not have to cross the other terminal while going outside. One more advantage is the traffic congestion would not be there anymore as all the vehicles queuing up to drive down the flyover need not take the same route. It was in the month of April the traffic pattern was first proposed but was changed temporarily as multi-level parking was constructed.

As per a senior official statement, when the new plan gets implemented there would be no hindrances or traffic congestion as the officials at the headquarters were making changes in the vehicle flow pattern near the worksite. He later spoke about how there might not be a major change but those vehicles that would be using the 2 new ramps near the airport metro station might have to be rerouted a little. This would make the vehicles avoid the construction site while entering and exiting the airport. The space or route to reach the multi-level car parking would be considered by the new routing. This senior officer later explained about how the new entry, exit gates and the boom barriers for issuing tokens were ready. He threw light on the fact that the plan that was supposed to be introduced by May month was delayed as the parking contractor defaulted and was terminated.

He finally spoke about the installation of equipments to issue tokens plus cameras to record the vehicles entering and leaving so that movement of the vehicles would not get affected even when a contractor needs to be removed. To install its own machines, AAI took its own time as AAI depended on the same company to manage the parking and vehicle flow. Now AAI is on the lookout for a short term parking contractor as the existing contractor has been terminated. It is now brought out that when the company takes over then the new contractor would be informed about the new traffic pattern.  Founded in the year 1995, AAI has been playing superb role in creating, upgrading and managing civil aviation infrastructure in India. It is known that AAI manages as many as 125 airports that included 12 international airports, 7 customs airports and 78 domestic airports and 26 civil enclaves at Military Airfields.
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