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2nd phase of flood relief deposit in the bank today (11th January)


Posted on : 11/Jan/2016 6:04:04 PM

The government has been giving relief funds to the public affected in the recent floods.

Accordingly, the 2nd phase of flood relief funds will be deposited today in the banks (Monday, 11th January).

A lot of crowd started gathering in the banks right from the early morning for this.

The government had ordered to gather data for giving flood relief funds in the districts most affected by the flood Chennai, Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur, Cuddalore, and Tuticorin.

The employees from all districts in the state were deployed for collection of data and they personally visited the flood-affected sites and interacted with the affected public.

At the end of the data collection, it was estimated that 30,42,000 persons were affected in the recent floods.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa ordered distribution of flood relief funds for the affected public. Accordingly, Rs. 10000/- was given o the persons who lost their dwellings, and Rs. 5000/- was given to each family whose dwellings got flooded. It was also informed that this relief fund will be deposited in the individual Savings Bank Accounts.

In the 1st phase, flood relief funds were deposited for 14 Lakh persons in the banks last week. As soon as the funds were deposited, sms was sent to the affected person regarding the same. These persons went to ATMs to collect the flood relief fund.

In the 2nd phase, today (Monday, 11th January), the flood relief funds for the balance 16.4 Lakh persons were deposited. Sms messages about this are expected to be sent by today evening or tomorrow (Tuesday, 12th January).

With the banks having 3 successive holidays last weekend, people started gathering as large crowds in the banks right from the early morning. So, all the banks appeared fervently busy with such lots of crowds.

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