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Posted on: 18/Nov/2010 5:37:11 AM
Greetings from Madras Anchorage Round Table 100 and Round Table India! Through this communication we are pleased to introduce ourselves to you. Round Table India is an organization of young men below the age of 40 and our long term Project is Freedom Through Education, we are proud to inform you that we have built more than 1500 classrooms till date at various Schools dedicated to the lesser privileged children of our country, these Schools are based pan India. We have spent close to Approximately 80 Crores on these Projects. We are also proud to inform you that we are a zero overhead organization, which means that all the money that we raise through our various fundraising option go directly towards our Projects and Community Service initiatives and all our Administration cost are borne by the members itself. Apart from this Project we also do a lot of Community Service activities and November 8th to 21st we celebrate Round Table India week, where we conduct various Community Service activities for a week continuously, this year, we at Madras Anchorage Round Table India have done almost 8 Community Services and today we have dedicated the day to the Blind people in our Society, we have associated with National Federation for the Blind and have named 17th November as the White Cane Day where we have distributed 250 White Cane walking sticks to the members of National Federation for the Blind.
The Program was held at the Auditorium of Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kamaraj Road, Anakaputhur. The chief Guest for the event was Dr. Tr. Lankesh, who is the Community Service Convenor of Round Table India Area 2, he announced to the members that he is an eye doctor and has recently opened up his Hospital 

Dr. Lankesh Eye Hospital at Ashok Nagar and he announced magnanimously that any member could just call him at his hospital if they need any medical treatment and they will be given free treatment, which was received with thunderous applause. The Guest of Honour Tr. Rupesh Parekh Chairman, MART 100 announced that he is overwhelmed by doing this Community Service and he assured the members that MART 100 will surely try to do many such noble acts in future.