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Unvarying Aavin Prices Milk Retailers Demand

Posted on: 21/May/2014 2:43:09 PM

Milk retailers have insisted that Aavin milk package price should be consistent for both the customer card holders and vendors.

According to the sources, Aavin currently retails toned milk at a cost of Rs.24 per litre for card holder customers and at Rs.27 for retail marketers. Additionally there is diverse rate prevails in the market.

This price differences states the main reason behind the fake consumer cards, said S. A. Ponnusami, State president of the Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Welfare Association.

Nearly 7 lakh litres of Aavin milk have been put for sale through card holders across the city.

In case of the toned milk, the rate differences stands for Rs.14 per litre, and unknowingly many wholesalers and vendors have bulk fake Aavin cards, he added.

If the State government pays attention to this claim, then the Aavin card holders will definitely expect a rise in the price of the Aavin milk packets, says a milk industry observer.

It is good time that the government set off for a price augmentation and make a rider for a minor rise in consumer card rates, he said.

The customers should agree to any rise in prices without objection, said T. Sadagopan, Consumer activist. Moreover, a steady swell will not duty customers, he added.

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