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Low pressure zone intensifies: Prospects of heavy rains on Saturday & Sunday

Ms. Stella, an officer in the Chennai Meteorological Centre, informed that the cyclonic convection formed over the South Andaman Region has moved towards west at 8.30 AM today (Thursday, 26th November) and has formed as a low pressure zone.

Posted On :26/Nov/2015 3:23:37 PM

Very heavy rains expected for the next four days in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry

India Meteorological Department update informed this morning that a low-pressure area is expected to form in the next 24 hours near South Andaman Sea.

Posted On :26/Nov/2015 11:16:09 AM

Surplus water released from Madhuranthakam & Chembarambakkam Lakes

The surplus waters received at the lakes of Chembarambakkam and Madhuranthakam have been released.

Posted On :25/Nov/2015 4:17:11 PM

Prospects of heavy rains in Tamil Nadu & Pudhucherry on 28th & 29th November

Another low pressure zone has formed in Southeast Bay of Bengal near Sri Lanka.

Posted On :25/Nov/2015 2:49:58 PM

Rainfall in Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram

Unlike in the past, the state of Tamil Nadu has been receiving heavy showers all over. Between October and December, in general, during the northeast monsoon season, the state receives 440 mm rainfall every year.

Posted On :25/Nov/2015 12:28:34 PM

Velacherry flooded : Chennai Corporation offers free boat service

North East Monsoon rains began on 28th October in Tamil Nadu. These torrential rains in Chennai, Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur and Cuddalore Districts created a great havoc.

Posted On :25/Nov/2015 11:46:13 AM

Rains to continue in Tamil Nadu

A low depression has formed in South West Bay of Bengal near Sri Lanka.

Posted On :25/Nov/2015 10:18:44 AM

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