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Extreme Heatwave Grips Tamil Nadu, Relief Expected with Rainfall Ahead

The phenomenon of changing wind speeds prevails in the upper layers of the atmosphere above the South India region.

Posted On :08/Apr/2024 11:03:00 AM

IMD Issues Heatwave Warning for Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and Northeastern Interior Districts

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a stark warning about an impending heatwave in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and the northeastern interior districts.

Posted On :06/Apr/2024 5:24:57 PM

Chennai Meteorological Department Forecasts Rain in Coastal Tamil Nadu, Above-Normal Temperatures in Interior Districts!

According to a press release from the Chennai Meteorological Department, Tamil Nadu may experience light to moderate rain in coastal and adjoining districts on the 8th,

Posted On :05/Apr/2024 9:14:15 AM

Weather Update: Heatwave Continues in North Tamil Nadu, Rain Likely in Southern Regions!

Today, temperatures are expected to soar up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit in the interior districts of North Tamil Nadu.

Posted On :04/Apr/2024 11:52:07 AM

Rainfall Expected in Isolated Areas of Tamil Nadu Over the Next Three Days!

The Chennai Meteorological Department has issued a press release forecasting isolated rainfall in Tamil Nadu over the next three days.

Posted On :01/Apr/2024 8:41:57 AM

Prospects for rain today (Thursday, 21st March) in the coastal districts in Tamil Nadu!

There are prospects for rain today (Thursday, 21st March) in the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu.

Posted On :21/Mar/2024 11:06:30 AM

Prospects for rain for 3 days in Tamil Nadu!

The Chennai Regional Meteorological Centre has issued a notification indicating the likelihood of rain in 1 or 2 places in Tamil Nadu for 3 days starting from the 20th of March.

Posted On :18/Mar/2024 10:37:36 AM

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