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Due to the Lunar Eclipse occurring on 8th November, Tirupathi Lord Venkateswara temple remains closed for 12 hours!

As a lunar eclipse is occurring on 9th November, the corridors of the famous Lord Venkateswara Temple in Tirupathi are to remain closed for 12 hours!

Posted On :04/Nov/2022 3:18:23 PM

Tirupathi Lord Venkateswara temple: Free-time Allotment Ticket for Dashan from 1st November!

The VIP Darshan Timings are to be changed in the Tirupathi Lord Venkateswara Temple from 1st December!

Posted On :29/Oct/2022 12:48:03 PM

The Grand Brahmotsavam at Tirupathi to commence with divine flag-hoisting! Tirupathi glistens with serial lamps all over!!

The famous grand Brahmotsavam at Tirupathi Lord Venkateswara temple is all set to start with the divine flag-hoisting ceremony tomorrow

Posted On :26/Sep/2022 11:52:42 AM

Planning to visit Tirupathi! Online booking for performing Anga-pradakshinam!!

The tokens for performing the Anga-Pradakshinam, at the Tirupathi Lord Venkateswara temple in October will be released at 9.00 AM ONLINE on 22nd September.

Posted On :20/Sep/2022 10:38:49 AM

Tirupathi Lord Venkateswara Darshan: Tickets for Darshan on 20th September to be issued today (17th September)!

The Thirumalai-Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) has announced that the Darshan tickets for 20th September will be released ONLINE today (Saturday, 17th September).

Posted On :17/Sep/2022 11:19:46 AM

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