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Construction Materials Price Information

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Timber Price List
Items Frequency Prices (Rs)
Burma Teak Wood 1x0.5 110.50  
Burma Teak Wood 1.5x0.5 173.40  
Burma Teak Wood 1x1 380.80  

Timber Price List
Items Unit (Cubic Feet) Prices (Rs)
Burma Teak Wood 1 Cft 10,500.00  
Sudan Teak Wood 1 Cft 5,800.00  
African Teak Wood (1st Grade) 1 Cft 2,800.00  
African Teak Wood (2nd Grade) 1 Cft 1,950.00  
Padak Teak Wood 1 Cft 3,100.00  
Vengai Teak Wood 1 Cft 2,700.00  

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Construction Materials Price List

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