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Paint Price List In Chennai

Dhar Price List
Items Prices (Rs)
Grade 80/100(VG10) 26,910.00  
Grade 60/70(VG30) 27,710.00  

Asian Paint Price List
Items Prices (Rs)/ Ltr
Tractor Emulsion 134.00  
Apex Emulsion 278.00  
Premium Gloss Enamel 280.00  
Premium Satin Enamel 300.00  
Apex Ultima 356.00  
Royale Luxury 454.00  
Apex Ultima Protek 458.00  
Royale Shyne 471.00  
Royale Matt 471.00  
Royale Aspira 595.00  

Berger Paint Price List
Items Prices (Rs)/ Ltr
Walmasta 161.00  
Bison Acrylic Emulsion 134.00  
Rangoli Premium Emulsion 250.00  
Easy Clean 399.00  
WeatherCoat All Guard 450.00  
Silk Luxury Emulsion 454.00  

Nerolac Paint Price List
Items Prices (Rs)/ Ltr
Little Master 137.00  
Suraksha Plus 180.00  
Suraksha Advanced 196.00  
Beauty Gold 313.00  
Beauty Smooth Finish 105.00  
Lotus Touch 259.00  
Impressions 24 Carat 522.00  
Impressions Eco Clean 574.00  
Impressions Metallic Finish 980.00  

Dulux Paint Price List
Items Prices (Rs)/ Ltr
Promise 107.00  
Super Smooth 223.00  
SuperCover 212.00  
Superclean 3 in 1 276.00  
Weathershield Max 304.00  
Velvet Touch Diamond Glo 433.00  
Weathershield Protect 213.00  

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