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Immediate energy giving foods that we must eat without fail especially during the winters!!

Posted on: 10/Jan/2023 9:29:16 AM
The drop in the temperatures around us would make us feel dull and lethargic!!

It is true that in the winters with cold chilly winds we would feel lazy and would not have interest in doing any activity. Even getting up from the bed after a good night`s rest would be an issue for many in the winters. It must be noted that life has to move on and we cannot be lazy for the entire day. In this situation, we must consume energy supplying  foods to make us feel energetic and active.

There are certain foods we must eat in the winters to get immediate energy. These are

Intake of nuts:

They do not require to be cooked and can be eaten just like that.  This would give us the much needed energy in the cold winter season.  It is good to eat nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts etc that are easily available. These nuts would provide us with omega 3 fatty acids plus proteins etc that are needed for the energy.

Intake of dates milkshake:

Intake of dates especially in the winter season would be superb as we would feel warmth inside the body. In addition, we could get glucose, fructose etc that are needed for the energy.

Intake of seasonal fruits:

During winters, it is necessary that we must not only keep the winter greens stocked but also seasonal fruits too. Seasonal fruits such as oranges, kiwis, chikoo, guavas etc would provide us with lots of energy throughout the day.

Intake of eggs:

Eating eggs during the cold winter season would be tremendous for us. We could get the much needed energy to carry out the activities. Intake of eggs would provide us with proteins , vitamin D3 etc.

Intake of sweet potatoes:

We could get 109 kcal of energy plus 24gms of healthy carbohydrates by consuming nutrient rich sweet potatoes. In winters, sweet potato intake would be better when compared to the intake of regular potatoes.

Intake of ginger:

In the winters, by consuming ginger in the form of fresh ginger root, the blood circulation in us would become superb. This would in turn make us feel energetic.

Intake of herbal teas and water etc:

During winters, we could get dehydrated as we would not drink enough water. This dehydration would make us feel dull. It is necessary to stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking water or by drinking herbal teas etc. 

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