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Do you know these common mistakes that can damage your eyes?

Posted on: 03/Jan/2023 5:18:57 PM
With the Coronavirus pandemic taking the world by storm from 2020 onwards, the majority of the people have been doing work from home or WFH and the students too studied online for some time. Now, things have become normal and many have started going to their offices and schools etc once again. There are others who are still doing WFH only. 

It is true that these days people have started to spend more time before the screens of laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones etc. Our eyes would have a disproportionately increased exposure time to these screens. As a result, our eyes would get harmed to a huge extent. There are chances of blurred vision or eye strain or headache or dry eyes etc. Some people would also have issues like back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain etc as they are sitting before the computer for a long time. Many of us make some common mistakes without knowing that these could damage the eyes.

Various common mistakes that could damage our eyes are

Washing eyes with warm water:
It has become a common habit for many now to wash their eyes with warm water. Truth is that this is not good. Not many would know that eyes are the seat of heat and therefore we must wash our eyes with cold water or with water at room temperature only.

Not blinking often:
By blinking, we would be able to avoid eye strain to a huge extent. By blinking often our eyes would get little break in between. The eyes won`t become dry as it would be lubricated. In addition, blinking cleanses toxins.

Overusing artificial eye drops:
To get immediate relief from pain or from irritations etc, many of us use eye drops. For a short time these droops would be useful but would make the eyes more dry in the long run.

Sleeping with eye masks:
Eye masks have become indispensable for many. People use eye masks for sleeping etc. It must be noted that hot compress eye masks would be highly comfortable for the eyes but the truth is that it is not good. The eyes must be kept free during the nights.

Rubbing the eyes:
Many of us would have this habit of rubbing our eyes. This is really not advisable as it would bring down eye health. The thin conjunctiva that protects the eyes would get damaged when rubbed. It is good to apply cold water on the eyes instead of rubbing.

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