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Strange side effects of eating cucumbers with meals!!

Posted on: 03/Dec/2022 5:23:20 PM
One of the best vegetables to eat for weight loss or for hydration is cucumber and that is mainly due to the fact that the vegetable is rich in water content. In Addition to the water content, cucumber has also got fibre content and has a cooling nature. For this reason cucumber is eaten as salad with meals.

By eating cucumbers, we can get superb benefits like good digestive health, avoid constipation, blood clotting properties, strong bones plus infections etc can be avoided. This is due to its antioxidant property of the vegetable.

It has been brought to light by some research that cucumber must not be consumed along with the meals.

Various strange health issues which we could get by eating cucumber along with emals are

Toxic nature:

It must be noted that cucumbers have cucurbitacin and tetracyclic triterpenoids etc. It is learnt that consuming cucumbers beyond moderation can be life threatening.

Cause gas and bloating etc:

It is said that the toxic substances in cucumber are produced as a mechanism of self defence so that the vegetable would not be consumed. Intake of these compounds could lead to constipation, gas and bloating etc.

Digestion gets delayed:

Point to be noted is that raw and uncooked cucumbers when eaten along with meals could delay digestion in us. This is due to the fact that the digestion time is different for cooked and uncooked foods.  

Growth and spreading of free radicals:

It is known that vitamin C is an immunity boosting element and would prevent diseases etc in us. When the vegetable is consumed in more amounts then vitamin C would act as a pro-oxidant against its innate and anti-oxidative nature. This would lead to the growth and spreading of free radicals. There is more risk of getting cancer, acne etc. Premature aging is also possible.