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Dont worry if you are underweight, try these healthy ways to increase your weight


Posted on : 22/Jul/2021 9:03:10 AM

Who said losing weight is the toughest?

Truth is that gaining weight is also as tough as losing weight.

While most of us are involved in the weight loss process there are also few who are involved in the weight gaining process. It is believed that by eating more foods it would be possible to gain weight. Some people do not gain weight even by eating enough food. There could be two reasons for this. One, their metabolism is too high and the second they could have some underlying health issues that are preventing them from gaining weight.

It is possible to gain weight in a healthy manner by following these.

By exercising:
It is always believed that by exercising we could lose our excess weight. The truth is that by doing exercises we could gain weight also. By exercising, our muscles get broken down and lean muscle mass is generated. This would lead to healthy weight gain. For gaining muscle weight, we must focus on doing weight training rather than cardio exercises.

By intake of foods rich in proteins:
It is important to eat protein rich foods after doing exercises and by that only doing exercises could be beneficial for us. Breakdown of muscle mass takes place during exercising and to fix that and build lean muscle intake of protein rich foods is essential. For a healthy weight gain, we must consume pulses, eggs, chicken, milk products etc after daily workouts.

By adding ghee to the meal:
We must include healthy fats like ghee and butter to every meal. The weight would get boosted by eating ghee having butyric acid. Intake of gee also provides plenty of benefits like better heart health, reduced cholesterol levels etc.

By eating simple carbohydrates:
For weight gaining, we must eat simple carbohydrates like potatoes etc. They get digested faster in the body and would help in weight gain. It is also good to eat whole grains that are full of starch and calories.

By not letting more than 4 hours to go by without food:
When we do not eat food often, the human body would go into a state of starvation. For generation of energy, the body would tend to utilise its own stores. This would lead to weight loss for us. It is important to have food even if we are feeling a little hungry also.

By avoiding junk foods:
Unhealthy weight gain around the stomach would occur if we eat everything in sight. This would further lead to numerous health issues in us. So, please be careful.

By proper sleeping:
Our body heals during sleep and the body would get enough rest only when we sleep well. It is essential that we must sleep 6 to 8 hours every night.




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