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Are you aware of these health issues that are indicated by the face?


Posted on : 19/Jul/2021 9:27:45 AM

When we look at others, what we see first is their face!!

Truth is that by looking at the face we could know the story behind the entire body. When a person is sick or ill then his or her face would be depressed etc and during happiness the face would appear glowing and cheerful.

Not many of us are aware of the fact that by looking at the face we could also know about various health issues of a person.

Yellowish face/eyes:
This is a sign of acute jaundice in a person. Accumulation of lots of waste products in the body could lead to this yellowish colour of the face.  There are many serious health issues that can be accompanied by jaundice like viral infections, pancreatic disorders etc.

Facial hair loss:
Many have this facial hair loss issue in them. This indicates the presence of alopecia areata conditions. Persons would lose his/her hairs in the eyelashes, eyebrows etc. Here, the immune system targets the hair follicles and this would lead to hair loss patches on the face. This could be overcome by using medicines etc that would help in hair regeneration.

Puffy eyes:
The puffy or swollen appearance could be due to the fluid collection in the region beneath the eyes. Various reasons for this issue are lack of sleep, excess consumption of salt plus hormonal changes, allergies etc.

Growth of hairs in abnormal areas:
Men would have hair growth around their ears and women would have hairs growing on eyebrows and around their chin etc. This would be highly embarrassing.  This might reveal the presence of PCOS in women.

Dry bleeding lips:
In the winter seasons, dry and chapped lips are a common issue. It is good to use petroleum jelly or coconut oil etc on the lips. It must be noted that certain health issues like dehydration or allergy to medicines etc could result in this issue.

Presence of moles:
Many of us do not give importance to the moles on the face and we regard that as just a birthmark. Too many moles on the face are not common and it might be due to cancer also. Colour and size of moles must also be considered seriously.

Herpes simplex type 1 virus is responsible for blisters in us. Saliva could lead to spread of oral herpes. It must be taken into account that oral herpes is an inactive infectious disease and it could stay in the mouth for many years.

Drooping eyelids:
Ptosis or drooping eyelids might be there from birth and it is usually harmless. Point is that it could reveal issues with the brain, nerve or eye socket etc. If a person has weak muscles, trouble in swallowing, severe headache etc then the person must consult a doctor.

Bumps on the eyelids:
In some persons, a yellow bumpy figure or xanthelasma would appear around their upper and lower eyelids. Fact is that these are made of cholesterol only and could be removed. Sometimes, these might even indicate the risk of heart attack.




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