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Premature hair greying could be avoided by these superb ways, take care


Posted on : 17/Jul/2021 9:10:42 AM

If you are young and when you stand before the mirror and see white hairs on your head, then don’t get frustrated!!

Appearance of grey or white hairs is quite common in old age but many these days in their young age( 20s and 30s) also get these and face lots of humiliation etc from others. The black hair colour of our hairs is due to the presence of melanin and when this is not produced then we would get grey hairs.

It is true that the presence of black hairs adds to the aesthetics of our body and everybody wishes to have healthy glowing hairs only. There are few reasons for premature hair greying.

The reasons are

Parents pass their genes to their kids and genes are the major contributor to how the human body manifests itself in the journey of life. In the families with grey hairs, there is every chance that the youngsters would get grey hairs at a young age itself.

Premature greying of hairs could be due to lifestyle factors like smoking or having a stressful life etc.

Unhealthy diet:
We could get nutrition deficiency if we eat an unhealthy diet. This could further result in hairs becoming grey faster.

Various ways by which we could overcome this issue of premature hair greying are

By quitting smoking:
The research studies have confirmed that smoking would lead to premature hair greying and we must stop smoking to avoid hairs turning grey soon. In addition, smoking could also lead to plenty of issues like bone issues, heart issues, fertility issues etc.

By eating well:
For the sake of proper nutrition, it is essential that we must eat food rich in omega 3 fatty acids plus vitamins, calcium etc. It is advised not to skip meals.

By intake of more water:
We could keep ourselves hydrated by consuming more water. By this, we could have dark black hairs. Point is that we must drink atleast 3 to 4 litres of water daily.

By treating hair well:
Many forget to take care of their hairs due to lack of time. It is said that by taking proper care of hairs (by oiling, combing and washing regularly) we could avoid premature greying of hairs.

By getting rid of chemicals:
This is also one way by which we could make the hairs look black for many years and avoid premature greying.  It is necessary that we must choose our hair products carefully, devoid of chemicals.




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