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These signs reveal to us that the infant has a constipation issue!!

Posted on: 13/Jul/2021 9:02:27 AM
Not only adults get constipation issues, but also infants!!

This constipation is a common digestive problem and the person would have hard dry movement of bowels. As a result, he or she would have difficulty passing stools. Many infants less than one year get constipation issues in them. The issue of constipation in the infants could be due to lack of nerves or due to structural changes in the lower large intestines. Truth is that if the doctor feels it is necessary then the infant could be tested for these conditions.

The issue of constipation could be treated by giving formula milk to the babies that are breast fed. By adding foods that are full of fibres, this issue could also be kept at bay. Instead of rice cereal, infants could be given barley cereal to avoid constipation. Infants must not be given enemas, laxatives etc by the parents unless it is told by the doctor. Strained foods could be given to the infant if it is old enough. In that case, fruits and vegetables could also be given to the infant.    

Parents must know about certain signs that would indicate constipation issues in their babies.

The various signs are

Difficulty in passing stools:
It must be noted that the infant would have issues in passing stools. This is one important sign of constipation.

Hard dry and black blood stained stools:
The infants would pass out stools that are hard and dry. Sometimes, the stools would be black and stained with blood also. Parents must take a note of this.

The infant would feel strained due to the constipation issue. The infant would cry because of this strain.

Inside the stomach of the infant, gas gets formed due to the constipation issue. This would lead to bloating.

Severe stomach pain:
Infants would have severe stomach pain due to this digestive issue. This pain could be present both in the abdominal region as well as stomach.

Loss of appetite:
Constipation in the infants would result in loss of appetite. Parents must be aware of this important sign also.

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