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For their health to be good, men must NEVER eat these foods - Please take care

Posted on: 12/Jul/2021 8:52:31 AM
With so many varieties of foods available these days, it is obvious that we want to eat all these foods. For the sake of a healthy lifestyle, both men as well as women must choose their food accordingly.

These are the certain foods that every man must avoid for his health to be good.

Must avoid soy products:
Not many know that soy foods have phytoestrogens or estrogen like compounds in them. It must be noted that these compounds come from the plants. If we eat high amounts of phytoestrogens then it could harm our health as there would be hormonal imbalance. Research studies have found that intake of phytoestrogens could reduce the sperm concentration in men. There is also enough evidence that shows how the high intake of soy products could lead to issues in the testosterone levels in men.

Must avoid foods containing trans - fats:
It is well known that the intake of trans- fats are considered unhealthy for men and women. Many fried, packed processed foods have high amounts of trans-fats in them. These trans-fats could increase the risk of heart diseases. It has been brought to light by a research study in the year 2011 that intake of trans-fats could lead to decreased sperm counts in men.

Must avoid processed meats:
Hot dogs, bacon, salami etc are some of the examples of processed foods. Men who ate these processed foods excessively had low sperm count in them. There is no evidence that shows low sperm count because of consuming chicken.

Must avoid high fat dairy products:
A research study was conducted on males from the age 18 to 22 and it was found that high fat dairy products such as cheese, cream, whole milk etc were linked to decreased sperm mobility. It is said that this could be due to steroids given to the cows.

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