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Food Items that must be avoided during early stage of pregnancy

Posted on: 26/Mar/2014 3:52:10 PM

Motherhood brings a sense of completeness to the pregnant woman. It is very difficult to predict the moods during pregnancy. At one time, there will be overwhelming feeling of happiness & success; the next moment, it will be irritation and anger!

There are certain food items that must be avoided during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Complete care must be taken to ensure that the infant in the womb gets the required nutrition and food must be selected accordingly.

Pregnant woman should take proper balanced food and ensure gradual increase in weight. There are some items that must be avoided to ensure a normal healthy baby.

Here is the list of the food items to be avoided:

Papaya & Pineapple - Increase the quantity of intake of vegetables and fruits. However, completely avoid taking papaya, pineapple, and grapes during early pregnancy.

Fish - Avoid seafood fish items which may contain high levels of mercury. For example, avoid taking raw fish or half-cooked fish food items such as the Japanese item sushi.

Meat - At the early stage of pregnancy, avoid eating raw or half-cooked meat items. Meat must be fully cooked. Eat it while it is hot. Canned meat must be avoided as it contains harmful chemicals which will allow toxic items in the body.

Milk - it is true that milk contains protein & minerals. However, take only pasteurized milk during the early stage of pregnancy.

Eggs - Most of us prefer half-boiled eggs. However, this is an item which must be avoided during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Also,avoid eating items with raw egg. (items such as cake butter sauces made with raw eggs)

Cheese - There are several varieties of cheese. Some are harmful during the early stage of pregnancy. Avoid cheese that is not made with pasteurized milk.

Juices - Avoid taking juices from the roadside shops as they may not be pure and may cause some harm to the pregnant woman. Prepare juices in the house itself & take!

Liver & related food items - these also must be avoided during initial stage pregnancy. These items are very rich in vitamin A and may cause harm to the child.

Caffeine - It is better to avoid caffeine if at all taking it, use less quantities. Tea, Coffee, Cool drinks, and chocolate contain caffeine.

Alcoholic beverages - Alcoholic drinks can cause great harm to the childs growth. Hence, completely avoid alcoholic drinks. 

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