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Every pregnant mother must compulsorily know about these signs of pregnancy complications!!

Posted on: 28/Oct/2023 9:37:54 AM
Giving birth to a baby might be a wonderful experience for the pregnant mothers if everything goes well and smooth only!!

The bitter fact is that this doesn`t always happen and pregnant mothers face many complications in various stages of her pregnancy. It is known that during pregnancy the body of the pregnant mother would undergo many changes for carrying the baby. It is necessary for the pregnant mothers to know what is normal and risk free with pregnancy and what is wrong also with respect to their pregnancies.

Normal changes that would occur during pregnancy:

There are certain normal signs observed in the pregnant woman such as mild swelling that could result in puffiness in face, legs, arms etc. There are also chances that a pregnant mother could get nausea, vomiting, heartburns, gas and bloating etc in them. These would make her feel very uncomfortable. In addition, pregnant mothers could also get mild aches and pains etc that could develop as backaches/ leg cramps in the night. Frequent urination is also one common issue in those who are pregnant.

Some changes occur on the skin of pregnant mothers like brownish coloured spots on the face, stretch marks etc.

Complications in the early pregnancy stages (or before 20 weeks):

It is possible for the pregnant woman to get severe pain in her abdomen or pain in one shoulder etc. The pregnant woman must seek the help of the doctor if she gets bleeding from vagina or experiences dizziness etc.

Complications in later stages of pregnancy (or after 20 weeks):

There are chances for the pregnant woman in her later stages to get issues in her vision or blurry eyesight etc. In such a scenario, a doctor must be sought out without fail. There are also other warning signs like sudden swelling of face, feet, hands etc. Sometimes, she might get severe headaches and it would not go even after taking pain killers etc.

Other important warning signs:

If the baby inside the womb moves less than usual or has stopped moving, the doctor must be consulted immediately. Injury to her abdomen, severe abdominal pain and excessive bleeding etc must be considered seriously by the pregnant mothers.

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