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We all must know about these fabulous health benefits of consuming milk with ghee!!

Posted on: 31/Oct/2023 9:39:29 AM
We would have seen our grandmas and moms adding ghee to the milk, have you ever thought of the reason for this?

It must be noted that desi ghee has anti-inflammatory properties and it would improve our heart health to a huge extent. Ghee has got vitamins like A, D, E and K etc. Point to be noted is that the addition of ghee to milk is a common practice and it would also provide us with numerous health benefits. Also called as liquid gold, ghee apart from its use in cooking is also used in Ayurveda and in the alternative medicine etc.

Various health benefits we could get are

Nutrient absorption:

It is noteworthy that ghee would help in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and k present in the milk. This would enhance the availability to the body.

Healthy fats:

The presence of healthy fats in ghee would provide sustained energy and would help in completion of various body processes.

Improved bone health:

We could get the essential mineral calcium and vitamin D when we consume ghee mixed in the milk. This would give the bones the much needed strength. It must be taken into account that ghee would also act as lubricant for joints and would promote flexibility etc.

Digestive tract health boosted:

By stimulating the secretion of stomach acids, intake of ghee would help in the digestion. The combination of ghee and milk would promote digestive tract health.

Improved metabolism:

Our metabolism would get boosted when we drink milk with ghee. This would lead to better weight loss.

Better sleep:

Those with sleep issues could try ghee with milk combination. This would improve the nutrient values plus provide us sound sleep.

Best time to consume:

Important piece of information is that we can drink milk with ghee either in the morning or before going to bed. When we consume this combo in the morning, our energy levels would get boosted and promote satiety. Our digestion would become better plus we could get relaxation and would get superb sleep when we consume this combo in the night.

Good for skin:

We could say goodbye to skin issues like dry skin and uneven complexion when we drink milk with ghee in it. The skin would glow well and it would appear fresh. Even in dry winters and summers, skin would stay moisturised.

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