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If you have experienced sudden unexplained weight gain or increase, then these could be the reasons, take care!!

Posted on: 28/Aug/2023 9:33:57 AM
We all want to look fit and slim always but it is not possible and we put on weight. We feel sad and disappointed due to our excess weight. If slow weight gain over a period of time is itself considered bad, then imagine how sudden unexplained weight gain would be for our health?

There are some persons who gain weight suddenly and unintentionally and face many health issues later on. There are several reasons for this such as 


One of the most important reasons for the sudden unexplained weight gain is due to high stress. By stress, we eat more food as we would have more food cravings and due to that we would gain weight. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to keep our stress to minimum by doing meditation, yoga, breathing exercises etc.

Not sleeping enough:

Due to work pressure or due to various other reasons etc, many of us don`t sleep for 6 to 7 hours per day. This could also lead to unexplained weight gain in us. Therefore, we must try to sleep for the above mentioned hours.

Underactive thyroid:

When the thyroid gland doesn`t produce enough hormone to meet the body needs, then the condition is called hypothyroidism. The person with underactive thyroid might experience other symptoms like dry skin, fatigue, constipation etc.

PCOS or menopause:

In women, PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome could result in weight gain. Hence it is important to treat this condition without fail. In the same manner, the menopause stage could also lead to weight gain. Hnce, a woman must consult a doctor without fail during her menopause for her health issues.

Binge eating disorder:

It is possible to gain weight when we eat in an uncontrolled manner. Various reasons for this disorder are genetics, anxiety, depression etc, Therefore, it is important to have control over the eating habits.