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An important symptom of constant bloating could be due to colo-rectal cancer - Please dont ignore!!

Posted on: 03/Feb/2023 5:36:13 PM
Would you believe this !!

The sixth most common cause for cancer based deaths in India is due to colo-rectal cancer. Yes, it`s true!! 

In this, the colon or rectum that is present at the end of the digestive tract would get affected.The cancer cells in the rectum would mutate and would grow out of control resulting in rectal cancer. Initially, small benign lumps or polyps termed polyps would form on the inner wall of the rectum and it would progress into malignancy. Poor lifestyle habits could be the major reason for colo-rectal cancer in us. It is noteworthy that when a person smokes or drinks, being obese, uncontrolled diabetes etc then he or she could get affected with colo-rectal cancer.   

Various symptoms associated with colo-rectal cancer are

Blood in the stools:

Stools stained with bright red blood would reveal that a person might have rectal bleeding  and this could be a sign of colo-rectal cancer. Rectal bleeding could also be due to hemorrhoids.

Persistent discomfort in abdomen:

Digestive based issues like bloating and abdominal cramps etc could be common symptoms of colo-rectal cancer. A person with colo-rectyal cancer would show symptoms like stomach bloating, distention, cramping or abdominal pain etc.

Fatigue or weight loss:

When the body`s energy gets used up by the cancer cells, then the person could become very weak. It must be noted that when the body tries to heal the damage due to treatment, then the person could feel fatigued. It is also possible to get fatigue due to issues loie anaemia, nausea, vomiting etc.

It is worthy to mention that the size and location of symptoms of colo-rectal cancer in the large intestine could vary from person to person.

Importance of early diagnosis:

It would be possible to reduce the effects of colo-rectal cancer if the person gets screened at the right age. This was according to Dr. Vinay Samuel Gaekwad , CK. Birla Hospital in Gurugram. He added that by making lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and drinking plus exercising daily, eating high fibre foods and vegetables etc.

By checking the dietary habits:

Direct relation exists between colo-rectal cancer and dietary habits. Many living in the western countries get affected by colo-rectal cancer because of intake of high carbohydrates and high starchy food plus processed sugar and meat etc. There are some ingredients that are present in these foods and they could alter the good bacterial environment in the gut.

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