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Are you aware of the water chestnut and its amazing health benefits?


Posted on : 15/Dec/2022 6:59:54 PM

Belonging to the family named Cyperaceae, water chestnut or Singhara isa crunchy and crispy fruit. It is mostly seen in Asia, tropical africa and Oceania etc. It is important to note that water chestnut is not  a nut but an aquatic vegetable that would grow in the marshes etc.

There are several ingredients present in water chestnuts like proteins, fibres, sugars, plus minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, riboflavin,Vitamin B6 rtc. Hence, consuming this water chestnut would provide us with numerous health benefits.

By eating water chestnuts we can get these benefits.

Helps in weight loss:
The water chestnut is low in the calories and this would help in the weight loss process. It is regarded as a high volume food due to the presence of fibre and water content. By eating water chestnuts, a person would feel full for a long time and he or she would not eat unnecessarily.

Reduces blood Pressure:
The presence of potassium in water chestnuts plays a huge role in lowering the blood pressure in us. This would in turn lower the risk of heart issues. It is true that persons who eat foods rich in potassium would have lower risk of strokes and blood pressure etc.

Reduces stress:
By eating water chestnuts, we could get vitamin B6. This vitamin would help us to cope up with stress and would support the normal functioning of the nervous system. The persons who eat water chestnuts would be able to get sound sleep also due to reduced stress .

Good for digestion:
Being rich in fibre content, intake of water chestnut would boost the digestive health to a huge extent. The food would be passed through the intestines easily. The issue of constipation would be avoided.

Immunity booster:
The presence of antioxidants in this aquatic vegetable would improve our immunity levels. The body`s defence against the oxidative stress would become better. This would help us to avoid many chronic diseases etc.

Lowers the risk of cancer:
The ferulic acid (an antioxidant) that is present in the water chestnuts would reduce the risk of cancer in us. This is also one important health benefit of this.



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