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By these effective ways, a woman could lower the risk of getting cancers!!


Posted on : 17/Dec/2022 4:35:43 PM

These days many people die due to one deadly disease called cancer. It is worthy to note that cancer is a group of diseases where there is abnormal growth of cells having the potential to invade or spread to other body parts. It is good to detect cancer early but it would be superb to lower the chances of getting affected with cancer.

In the USA, about 75% of deaths are due to cancer only and this was revealed by Harvard School of Public Health. Not only men but also women could get cancer. Various cancers in women are ovarian, cervical, uterine, vaginal etc .

A woman could reduce the chances of getting cancer by following these without fail.

By intake of healthy diet:
It is possible to avoid getting colon based cancer when a woman avoids saturated fat and red meat etc. It would be superb if a woman eats fruits and vegetables plus whole grains etc.

By exercising regularly:
There is a direct relation between physical activity and cancer. A woman would be able to avoid breast cancer and other reproductive based complications if she exercises regularly. The exercise would also help her to lose excess weight.

By sleeping well:
It is often said that by sleeping well both mental as well as physical health could be superb. Lack of quality sleep would lead to weight growth and this is one of the risk factors for cancer.

By taking adequate vitamin D:
It is mentioned that intake of vitamin D could reduce the risk of breast cancers in both pre-menopausal as well as in the post-menopausal women. It was found by research that 50% of women with breast cancer showed vitamin D deficiency in them.

By avoiding tobacco:
It is not only the males who smoke but also females. Smoking must be avoided as it could result in many cancers like lung, mouth, throat etc. Truth is that even passive smoking could lead to lung cancer.

By proper weight control:
It is shocking to mention that every year in USA more than 684,000 obesity related cancers occur After menopause, breast cancer is the most obesity related cancer in women.



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