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Dont do these regarding intake of jamun fruit, please be careful!!


Posted on : 23/Jun/2022 5:54:27 PM

Mostly found in countries like India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, jamun or jambul or jamblang is an evergreen tropical tree. It is also called Naavar Pazham in Tamizh language. It is important to mention that a jamun tree could live for 100 years and it could grow up to a height of 30m. In the months of March and April, flowering of jamun trees would occur usually. 

It is true that Java Plum or jamun fruit is highly preferred by the children and this fruit is in the shape of a berry. The fruit colour varies from greenish to pink to crimson in different stages. Various health benefits of intake of jamun fruit are increased haemoglobin, good for heart health, helps in digestion, relieves constipation etc. Without knowing the side effects, many eat jamun in combination with certain foods.

These foods must not be eaten along with Jamun fruit.

Never drink water after eating jamun:
Not many of us would be aware of the fact that drinking water after eating jamun fruit would result in health issues in us. The person might get digestive problems and diarrhoea etc after drinking water and jamun fruit. Therefore, the person must wait for 30 to 40 minutes after eating jamun fruit and then only drink water.

Never eat jamun on empty stomach:
Several health issues like acidity, stomach pain, irritation etc would occur in us when we eat jamun on an empty stomach. Fact is that jamun fruit would help in digestion and it must be eaten after consuming food.

Never consume turmeric with jamun:
It is better to avoid eating anything with turmeric in it right after eating jamun fruit. Reason is jamun and turmeric do not go well and could lead to irritation in the stomach. A person after eating jamun fruit must wait atleast 30 minutes before consuming any food with turmeric.

Never drink milk after eating jamun fruit:
Various digestive issues like gas, indigestion and stomach pain could occur when a person drinks milk after eating jamun fruit.

Never eat pickles after eating jamun fruit:
After eating jamun fruit, please do not eat pickles etc because we might get stomach based issues in us and find it difficult.

Right time to eat jamun fruit:
It is okay to eat jamun fruit anytime during the day except on an empty stomach. Eating the fruit after meals would speed up the metabolism and would be superb for digestion.




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