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Do you crave for water or feel thirsty!! - It could be due to these reasons only


Posted on : 16/Apr/2021 9:34:40 AM

We all feel thirsty every day in our lives and it is the body`s way of telling us that its running low on water.  Some would have normal thirst whereas others would have excessive thirst also.

After going for a long walking or running, we often feel thirsty and we drink water. It is true that the strenuous activity which we do would lead to thirstiness in us. When we feel thirsty even without any strenuous activity then it must not be taken lightly or ignored.

These underlying conditions would make a person feel thirsty and crave for water. These are

Most common initial symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst and frequent urination etc. Point is that this would also be accompanied by prolonged mouth dryness. When a person has a diabetes condition then glucose builds up in the blood and this would force the kidneys to do over work to try and absorb it. More urine is produced when kidneys cant keep up. Till the sugar level gets normalised in the blood, this attempt to flush out extra sugar would continue. We could feel very thirsty and crave for water.

Certain medication:
It is true that certain types of medication like lithium, certain antipsychotics, and diuretics. It is better to talk to the doctor when there is excessive thirst. Point is that the doctor might change the prescription and prescribe different medicine.

Severe dehydration:
This could also be a reason for excessive thirst and water cravings. This happens when the body doesnt have enough water to carry out normal tasks. Dehydration could be because of various reasons like too much exercising, diarrhoea issue, nausea, vomiting etc.

Anaemia issue:
When our body does not have healthy red cells then the condition is called anaemia. Anaemia could occur from the birth or due to lifestyle, another illness etc. It must be taken into note that mild anaemia does not lead to so much thirst but severe anaemia could result in feeling thirsty along with dizziness, exhaustion etc.

When the calcium levels in the blood are above normal then the condition is called hypercalcemia. This issue could be due to various reasons like overactive thyroid glands, TB, cancer in the lung/breast/kidney etc. It is believed that hypercalcemia could result in excessive thirst and there would be craving for water. Other issues that are associated with hypercalcemia are frequent urination, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting etc.