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Ulcer complaint in the mouth - here are some home remedies!


Posted on : 13/Apr/2021 1:07:36 PM

All of us would have experienced an ulcer condition in the mouth sometime or the other! The moment we think or mention this, the rushing immediate thoughts/experience would be the unbearable pain the ulcerous mouth causes when coming into contact with the food items being consumed! We can never forget the extreme pain and the ultra-discomfort experienced during this period leading to the fervent wish it should never recur!

The shortfall of nutrients in the diet taken is one of the main reasons causing the older condition in the mouth. Ulcer in the mouth can be caused by to lack of nutrition such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Zinc and Iron!

Even some food items can lead to an ulcerous condition in the mouth! Excessively sour items such as lemon, extremely spicy food items, and pineapple may cause ulcer in the mouth!

Research has established that ulcer condition in the the mouth can also be caused by bacteria, virus, fungus infection, and negligence to keep the mouth always clean!

The healing of the ulcer in the mouth depends on its exact location! In case, the ulcer in the mouse is located at places coming into contact with the food or water consumed, it may take 1-to-2 weeks for it to heal!

The ulcer condition in the mouth can be prevented by taking a nutritious diet, regular consumption of the items made using the green known as sand-tomato spinach green (Manathakkali keerai in Tamil)!

Here are the tips for a cure!
  • Apply a small quantity of coconut oil on the affected areas in the mouth. This will check the extent of infection as well as inflammation in the area. The condition will get cured fast!
  • Clean the affected areas with a clean cotton cloth before going to bed dip a small ball of cotton in coconut oil and apply the=is on the affected areas. Leave it just as it is for the entire night this will cure the condition very fast!
  • Mix a little salt in lukewarm water, use this concoction to gargle by rotating the concoction within the mouth for small durations and then spit out! This saltwater will enter the affected areas and will help to heal quickly! While gargling like this, the harmful bacteria inside the mouth are eliminated and get thrown out! Thus, it hastens the cure!
  • Non-salted butter or ghee (clarified butter) can be applied to the affected areas inside the mouth! This creates a curative layer over the affected area and enhances the quick healing process!
  • Honey can be applied to the affected areas! Honey has antibacterial property as well as preventing inflammation! So, it will help prevent inflammation as well as enhance the healing process. Apply honey 4-5 times in a day. Honey will kill all the germs and bacteria in the mouth and will heal the ulcer condition!