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Are you aware of these various signs of autoimmune disease?


Posted on : 02/Jul/2020 10:47:19 AM

How many of us know the relation between diabetes type 1, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis?

These health issues are classified as autoimmune diseases. Fact is when there is dysfunction in the immune system that causes it to turn against the host then we could get autoimmune diseases in us. The cell damage caused could lead to a multitude of symptoms in us.

There are few signs that reveal the presence of autoimmune diseases and these are

Pain: This is one important sign and the persons with autoimmune diseases would have pain in many parts of his or her body. It is said that autoimmune diseases could lead to inflammation in us.

Deformities in Joints: If any deformity is observed in the joints then it is high time to visit the doctor. It is important to note that rheumatoid arthritis is a type of autoimmune disease and membranes around the joints get affected. Left untreated, it could lead to severe damage.

Weakness: Inflammation, as well as pain, would accompany autoimmune diseases and it is now said that weakness could be due to these.

Skin Turning Yellowish: Excess amounts of bilirubin could lead to skin becoming yellow in color or jaundice. This is a disorder of the liver and is also a symptom of autoimmune disease.

Severe itching on cheeks/nose: It is normal to get an itching issue every now and then but if itching is accompanied by rashes on the nose and cheeks then it is serious. Please take care.

Breathing Difficulties: The immune system turns against the lung tissue and damages it when autoimmune diseases attack the lungs. Pulmonary breathing syndrome or breathing issues occur due to this.

Swelling: Autoimmune disease could lead to inflammation and tissue damage. This could result in swelling or edema in us. This is also an important sign of autoimmune disease.