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These health benefits of intake of daikon are amazing


Posted on : 24/Apr/2019 09:46:26

Found mostly in places like south-east, East Asia etc, daikon is a mild flavoured winter raddish having fast growing leaves. It is known that daikon has got long white napiform root. The important point is many ingredients are present in daikon and these are carbohydrates, dietary fibres, folate, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and copper. Therefore by consuming this daikon we could be benefitted in a huge manner.

Several health benefits of intake of daikon are

Good for respiratory health:

The health of the respiratory tract and lungs are maintained by daikon having both antiviral as well as antibacterial properties. It is known that we get increased in the production of mucus due to the infections caused by bacteria or virus. By this there would be issues in breathing and the issues are present more in those persons having asthma. The bio-flavinoids in daikon boosts the lung functions plus lowers asthma risks in us.

Good for digestion:

The enzymes present in daikon like amylase, protease etc help in the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates. People with impaired digestive abilities can consume daikon because the other enzymes in daikon could breakdown fats. Healthy bowel function plus prevention of constipation are achieved by the intake of daikon.

Cancer risk is reduced:

The truth is daikon plays a huge role in the prevention f stomach cancer in us. By consuming smoked food, we are at a risk of getting nitrosamine compounds. Intake of daikons could help in the removal of nitrosamine compounds having carcinogenic nitrogen based molecules. Other phenolic compounds present in daikons could boost cancer resistance in us.

Helps in BP control:

The potassium present in daikon does superbly here. It acts as a vasodilator and helps the blood vessels to relax and widen. In addition to this potassium is also is involved in the removal of excess water through the kidneys. Hence BP is maintained well.