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Meal with fish and milk, is it dangerous to consume?


Posted on : 17/Apr/2019 15:51:45

There are legends that say it is harmful to eat fish after having any kind of dairy product like milk. They claim that it may lead to skin related issues. This is often heard widely and is a popular belief as well. But is it really true or is it just a myth?

The reason for such advice is that consuming fish after dairy meal could cause patches on skin. This is called vitiligo. There is one more theory that claims that the kind of protein present in fish and dairy products are different and that different kinds of enzymes are needed for breaking them down. For digestion, the level of energy required is different for these two foods. When we have both these foods together, our digestive system will need extra effort and energy for digesting. And hence, it may naturally cause bloating or other kinds of digestive disorders.

What Ayurveda says?

According to Ayurveda, this combination should certainly be avoided as basically fish is considered as non-vegetarian meal and milk is a vegetarian meal. Hence, the two are not compatible with each other. So, as we have the combination of the two, it may lead to tamas guna which is a kind of body imbalance.

What does science say?

Science states that not study or research has thus far claimed the consumption of fish after dairy meal to be harmful. Experts say, there is no such evidence. However people do not often have such combinational foods. In older tales, it is said that the practice of fish plus dairy will lead to Leukoderma.

Dairy products to cook fish

Remembering that dairy plus fish products are not harmful for consumption, we need to   make a note that in the preparation of fish dishes, we make use of curd which naturally devastates the myth about combinational consumption of the two products. This may cause indigestion, of courses, but only in a few cases and not all.  As far as the Mediterranean meal is concerned, it includes the use of curd or milk while preparing fish dishes.

Why does it cause skin patches?

Vitiligo is the name given to white patches caused on skin. This is a result of fungal infection by destructing melanocytes, a pigment-forming cell. It is to be noted that consumption of dairy plus fish is not just the only reason for vitiligo, but there are several other reasons as well.

What are the side effects?

Say, you have a meal of fish plus dairy product, in case you experience severe itching or severe stomach ache right after consuming, you should understand that you are lactose intolerant. According to nutritionists, for people with lactose intolerance, there will be adverse reactions towards the combination. On the other hand, there are also cases of people who experience gassy troubles and bloating after having dairy products, especially milk. So, it is not just about the combination of milk and fish.

We do not have any kind of scientific evidence in his regard. So if you are tempted, go on and have fish plus dairy!