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Avoid using teeth whiteners as they could lead to tooth decay


Posted on : 12/Apr/2019 09:53:25

When we smile what others see first is our teeth and hence it is obvious that we take efforts to keep our teeth white in colour. For the purpose of making the teeth appear bright and white we often use teeth whiteners without knowing the harm they might cause us.

The shocking piece of news is this usage of teeth whiteners could lead to tooth decay in us causing further issues. This has been confirmed by a research study conducted in the USA based Stockton University. The point to be taken into account is hydrogen peroxide is an active ingredient in the whitening strip could damage the protein rich dentin tissue found beneath the tooths protective enamel. It is well known that human teeth has got 3 layers like outer enamel, underlying dentin layer and the connective tissue that is responsible for keeping roots to the gum.

Other studies that were conducted in the past by the researchers focused on the tooth enamel but the latest study was involved on dentin. The information collected is dentin makes up for most of our teeth plus has got high levels of protein mostly collagen.

When out teeth gets treated with hydrogen peroxide for whitening purpose, then dentin gets transformed to small fragments. This was demonstrated by the researchers belonging to Stockton University, USA. In some additional experiments that were conducted by the researchers, pure collagen was treated with hydrogen peroxide. Finally analysis of protein using gel electrophoresis laboratory process was carried out for visualizing the protein.

As per the associate professor, Mr. Kelly Keenan, treatment with hydrogen peroxide concentrations that is similar to those present in the whitening strips is enough to make the original collagen protein disappear. This was due to the formation of smaller fragments. Later the researchers explained about how their experiments did not address whether collagen or other protein could be regenerated or not.