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Health benefits of intake of insulin plant


Posted on : 09/Jan/2019 09:57:18

The saying Leaf of insulin plant a day, keeps diabetes away shows the effectiveness of the insulin plant in treating diabetes. Found mostly in eastern Brazil, fiery costus or insulin plant or spiral flag belongs to the family termed Costaceae. It is amazing that the leaves are arranged spirally on the stem and the maximum height to which these plants grow is about 2 feet. Orange coloured flowers often attract the attention of many. This insulin plant or chamaecostus cuspidatus is of huge demand in India due to increase in the diabetes cases in the past 5 years. Insulin plant is rich in iron, protein plus in alpha tocopherol, ascorbic acid, steroids, beta carotene, tannins, flavonoids etc is known. The important point is rhizomes and leaves of insulin plant have got potassium, calcium, chromium etc in them.

Intake of insulin plant could give us many health benefits

Diabetes gets treated:

Lowering of high blood sugar levels in us is possible by the insulin plant. Regulation of sugar levels is due to the fructose content in the leaves. It is revealed that regular intake of insulin leaves could prevent the onset of chronic health issues due to diabetes.

Digestion is improved:

This insulin herb has got many vitamins and nutrients in it and this could improve the digestion in us. The growth of good bacteria is promoted in our digestive system and this could help in the proper absorption of the nutrients.

Liver issues get cured:

Breaking down of fat deposits and other toxins in the liver is possible by the insulin plant. By this development of chronic illness is eliminated in us. The functions of the liver get improved. We could be free from many liver issues by regular consumption of this amazing herb.

Health of urinary bladder is improved:

Issues related to the urinary bladder get cured by insulin plant intake. Our urinary bladder could function properly by regular intake of this plant. UTI are avoided in us.

Cancer is prevented:

The free radicals responsible for cancer are removed due to the anticancer and anti-proliferative properties of insulin plant. Growth of cancer cells is prevented.