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68 per cent of urban Indians dont practice preventive healthcare: Survey

A new survey has found that as many as 68 per cent of urban Indians do not practice preventive healthcare at an early stage, when they do not suffer from lifestyle disorders.

Posted On :26/Feb/2017 7:09:16 PM

Increase in risk of childhood asthma from clean drinking water, says study

A study by researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada has revealed that while clean water reduces the of chances of catching many deadly diseases, it can increase the risk of childhood asthma.

Posted On :24/Feb/2017 6:34:01 PM

Too much cleanliness may lead to asthma, says study

Scientists from the British Columbia University have found that the obsession with hygiene could even be turning some beneficial bacteria found in the human gut into endangered species.

Posted On :24/Feb/2017 5:58:02 PM

New study shows that antibiotics, not surgery, can treat appendicitis in children

A new study has shown that antibiotics may be an effective treatment for acute non-complicated appendicitis in children, instead of surgery. The systematic review of existing literature is published in Pediatrics.

Posted On :24/Feb/2017 5:17:39 PM

Activities that must be avoided immediately after food

Many of us have the habit of eating fruits very immediately after taking food. This is not good for health. This is because taking fruits send air into the system and causes bloating in the stomach.

Posted On :23/Feb/2017 6:00:51 PM

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